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Estepona se encuentra en una ubicación privilegiada, a poca distancia del Estrecho de Gibraltar. Este pasaje permite una gran cantidad de vida marina y fauna que se puede ver en nuestros muchos sitios de buceo a lo largo de la costa. Tenemos muchos sitios de buceo locales que son adecuados tanto para principiantes como para buceadores avanzados. Echa un vistazo a algunas fotos de algunos de los lugares de buceo a continuación.

El Galeon

Step back in time with El Galeon Lys from 1705!book a dive Steps from the beach you'll find El Galeon Lys. This is a very easy dive site, suitable for all levels of divers. With an average depth of 6m, you'll see you don't need to go deep to see life. The wreck is a [...]

Las Lajas

Join us for a dive at Las Lajas in Estepona!book a dive Las Lajas are steps formed by submerged tectonic plates and in some parts they form a half tube. The first section sits at about 4-5m and is a good representation of the local marine life. We swim a bit further out to reach [...]

Punta Chullera

Check out the coral gardens at Punta Chullera!book a dive This area is for any level. Named for the amount of gorgonians that can be seen in a single dive in this dive site. If you are attentive you can find octopuses, conger eels, moray eels, fish of all Mediterranean species and nudibranchs of magnificent [...]

Torre de la Sal

Step back in time at the Torre de la Sal!Check out an amazing wreck at 30m, just off the coast of Estepona!book a dive The NORTOMRA, also known and misnamed S.P.M. It is a wreck that rests on the keel at 30m depth in the waters of Estepona. Sunk on January 8, 2011 is still [...]

Camp Bay – Gibraltar

Wrecks, Wrecks, and more Wrecks in Gibraltar!Camp Bay is a client favorite, and for good reason! Always plenty to see at the wrecks and loads of interesting marine a dive Camp Bay has to be one of our favorite dive sites. It's always so much fun exploring the 11 wrecks held in this bay [...]