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Our dive sites

The Costa de Sol is in an optimal location for marine life and, therefore, Estepona is home to some really amazing dive sites. Being so close to the Strait of Gibraltar, the only natural water inlet to the Mediterranean, we enjoy a wide variety of marine life and year round diving! Whether we’re diving the wrecks in Gibraltar, exploring the underwater gardens in Punta Chullera, or out at the 300+ year old wreck, the Galeon, we are always having fun!

El Galeon

Paso atrás en el tiempo con El Galeon Lys desde 1705!Reservar A unos pocos metros desde la orilla encontramos El Galeón Lys. Se trata de un sitio de buceo muy sencillo apto para todos los niveles. El pecio es un galeón francés que fue quemado y hundido para evitar ser capturado por los navíos ingleses. [...]

Las Lajas

Join us for a dive at Las Lajas!book a dive Las Lajas are steps formed by submerged tectonic plates and in some parts they form a half tube. The first section sits at about 4-5m and is a good representation of the local marine life. We swim a bit further out to reach the second [...]

Punta Chullera

Check out the coral gardens at Punta Chullera!book a dive This area is for any level. Named for the amount of gorgonians that can be seen in a single dive in this dive site. If you are attentive you can find octopuses, conger eels, moray eels, fish of all Mediterranean species and nudibranchs of magnificent [...]

Torre de la Sal

Step back in time at the Torre de la Sal!Check out the amazing underwater landscapes and marine life!book a dive Torre de la Sal, or Salt Tower, is one of our favorite local dive sites! Located in Casares, the history goes that the tower was used for salt storage. Here you'll find dramatic rock formations [...]

Camp Bay – Gibraltar

Wrecks, Wrecks, and more Wrecks in Gibraltar!Camp Bay is a client favorite, and for good reason! Always plenty to see at the wrecks and loads of interesting marine a dive Camp Bay has to be one of our favorite dive sites. It's always so much fun exploring the 11 wrecks held in this bay [...]