Wrecks, Wrecks, and more Wrecks in Gibraltar!

Camp Bay is a client favorite, and for good reason! Always plenty to see at the wrecks and loads of interesting marine life.
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Camp Bay has to be one of our favorite dive sites. It’s always so much fun exploring the 11 wrecks held in this bay alone. There’s always a massive amount of fish both from the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The area was used by the Government of Gibraltar to create an artificial reef by sinking decommissioned boats. We always do 2 dives here, as there’s just so much to see! The dives average between 9-17m.  For our Advanced Open Water divers and above, we can reach some spots a bit deeper up to 28m.

anthias in gibraltar
gibraltar wreck
482 wreck
gibraltar wreck diving
gibraltar wreck inside
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